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Reality Chick

When Dan Cathy was asked his views on the family recently, he had the nerve to answer honestly. He believes that the Biblical model for a family is built around the marriage of a man and a woman. He could have evaded, could have lied, but he said what he really thinks. For this he and his company, Chick-fil-A, are being dragged through the mud, as if they were Westboro Baptist groupies picketing military funerals.

I have taken Christians to the woodshed for their sometimes fearful and hateful attitudes toward homosexuals. Now it’s the other side’s turn. As much as Christians are guilty of un-Christ-like attitudes in this debate, the side that currently holds the upper hand is not being very gracious in the march toward victory.

Gay marriage is advancing at a breathtaking pace. I think there are some gay activists who smell blood in the water, and they can’t resist a good feeding frenzy. The trouble with feeding frenzies is they don’t leave much room for nuance. So Dan Cathy is effectively lumped in with Westboro’s ringmaster, Fred Phelps, or the pastor who wants gays behind an electric fence, or the other pastor who says gays should be killed.

If we all vetted everyone we do business with and boycotted those who don’t share our views on social issues, commerce would be paralyzed. If Chick-fil-A and its president offend you that much, don’t go there. But must every disagreement degenerate into a smackdown?


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2 thoughts on “Reality Chick

  1. If Jesus behaved like that then he would not have talked to the woman at the well or had lunch with a tax collector and he certainly would not have gone to the cross… and where would that leave us? I like your post. Mature adults should learn to agree to disagree with grace and respect regardless of which side you are on. Sure would stop a lot of wars… ~ Wendy

  2. 2btrue on said:

    You’re right. Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A have been lumped in with some obvious haters. He never said that gay people do not have rights nor that they should have rights. He did not say that they were unwelcome in his restaurants. He simply said what he believes about marriage and that he could not support same-sex marriage. He has the right to express his views every bit as much as those who are now calling him homophobic and such.

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