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Stealing It Back

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“This song, Charles Manson stole from the Beatles. We’re stealing it back.” – Bono

With these words, U2 launched into a blistering, live rendition of “Helter Skelter,” preserved on the 1988 double album “Rattle and Hum.”

In the year I’ve been writing this blog, I have tried to do my small part in stealing the song of reason back from the playlist of the skeptics, the doubters and unbelievers in God. It’s one of their favorites. You may not know, for example, about the United Coalition of Reason, but you may have seen their hand in the atheist Christmas billboards of recent years. (“This season, celebrate REASON.”)

But that word is also at the heart of 1 Peter 3:15, from which I drew this blog’s name: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” I embrace reason in articulating not only the simple “because” of belief, but the place of logic and rational thinking in faith. I chose the name reverently, but it’s also a little inside joke, a gentle poke at those who follow reason to a godless conclusion.

With God’s help, I have tried here to state clearly the reason for my hope. I would like to continue.

To the little band of followers I have picked up: Thank you for your visits, your likes, your comments and your encouragement. I haven’t played the blogging game quite the way I should, paying too little attention to my fellow bloggers and their fine work. I hope but can’t promise to do better in the future. My glacial publishing pace – 21 posts in 12 months – attests that this is not my day job.

If you’re relatively new here, I encourage you to go through the archives to get a flavor of where this journey started and where it’s led so far. At the bottom are links to some key posts. However long you’ve been following, I welcome your comments and ideas; ultimately, they will help me to feed this hungry creature I’ve brought into the world.

If you think more people can benefit from anything you find here, please spread the word. As I’ve told a few of my friends, I’m lousy and uncomfortable at self-promotion. But if God is working through this, I don’t want to aw-shucks my way into permanent obscurity.

With that, I’ll wrap up reason4thehope‘s first birthday post. Here is a selection of oldies if you need help getting up to speed:

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